Welcome to the gardens and park at Schonbrunn Palace

The park of Schonbrunn Palace is one of the best-preserved Baroque gardens in the world, a status it owes to centuries of unbroken horticultural tradition.

The fact that it attracts over 7 million visitors each year from Austria and abroad together with its inclusion in the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage Sites confirm its unique significance in the history of European horticulture. In 1996 a survey was commissioned by the Federal Office for the Preservation of Monuments to review the upkeep of the park which discovered deviations from the historical model in a number of important areas. As a result the Federal Gardens Administration has initiated a program of revitalization to restore the authentic historical appearance of these areas of the gardens and park, entailing a huge schedule of works and substantial financial outlay.

At the same time it is crucial that the current high standard of maintenance be sustained. This involves the clipping of more than twenty-five kilometers of trees along the avenues and thirty kilometers of hedges together with the raising and planting of around 300,000 bedding plants and the mowing of almost twenty hectares of lawns up to twenty-one times during the growing season.

The park and gardens at Schonbrunn are however far more than just a historically unique horticultural monument or 'green museum'; they are also a much-loved and frequented place of recreation for Vienna's population, providing an indispensable natural reserve for rare plants and animals as well as an attractive venue for many social and cultural activities.

The Great Parterre lying like a colourful carpet in front of the garden faсade of the palace